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Amazon gadgets under $100 for your Master suite

They said that "Home is where the heart is", so let's start putting a little heart into making that home with the help of these awesome gadgets that can help you upgrade some areas.

Let's start with adding glam and practical lighting; a Fandelier is the baby of a ceiling fan and a chandelier that can make any space feel and look more luxurious.

You can play with color temperature and some may come with built in Bluetooth speakers.

Unique Mirror Large Display Design--6.1" inch ultra-large LED display, you can see the time clearly even at a glance within 30 feet of your bedroom and the display is also can be used as a mirror in daily use.

It comes with 3-level brightness you can adjust manually or auto to a comfortable brightness and the LED light will automatically dim during your sleep time to protect your eyes at night and save energy.

Add an air purifier to improve your health and quality of sleep. This air purifier filters air 4x per hour in 220 sq feet, it only takes an hour to purify a 880 ft² room. The true HEPA H13 filter is actually a 3 stage filters can filter particles as small as 0.03 microns and air pollution of PM 2.5 and remove 99.99% of pet dander, dust, pollen, smoke, odor, mold, etc.

Change all light bulbs to smart LED smart light bulbs that can change colors and 54 preset scene modes. These light bulbs can be controlled with simple voice commands. Also feel free to turn your smart light bulbs on/off, adjust brightness, or change the colors, set scenes via the brand's App.

A Master suite wouldn't be complete without a proper master bathroom; You can add smart gadget such as a removable Bluetooth speaker showerhead so you can listen to your favorite playlist to energize your morning; syncs wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device for seamless audio; speaker can be easily removed from the showerhead to be used anywhere in the house

And let's not forget the most important seat in the whole room! Add an electrical bidet to your toilet such as this one that comers with adjustable water pressure built or the healthy, hygiene-conscious and environmentally aware lifestyle.

The bidet attachment for toilet is less than a quarter inch thick! Never worry about the huge gap between the seat and toilet rim, the unique nozzles module lowering design avoids lifting seat and fits more comfortably with standard toilets.

Don't forget that the Unity team is here ready when you need us to help with any of your electrical, lighting and generator needs.


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