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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Did you just get a new electrical vehicle? Congrats! Contact us today to make an informed decision on the size of charger needed for your home and vehicle.


As your trusted Licensed Electrician in Cypress, it is our job to help you be aware of the best tips to keep your electric vehicle charged at home!

Adding a high power charger at home can assist with keeping your new car both charged up safely and the longevity of your battery!

What Is an electrical vehicle charger? 

This is a hard-wired device that connects to your breaker panel to allow you to charge your vehicle at either 120 volts or 240 volts. The voltage you need as well as the amperage limit for the device and breaker are something you should consider depending on your needs. We are experts in assisting our customers in deciding what is the best need for their vehicle and daily commute.

Many neighborhoods around Houston are full of older homes that were not built with EV charging in the garage in mind. Some garages may not have any plugs in them at all or they may not be up to the task for charging an electric vehicle safely and efficently.

How is an electric vehicle charger installed?

An electric vehicle charger gets installed at your main circuit breaker panel. It is wired directly into a dual-pole breaker, which is in your main breaker. Wire size, designated area, and other materials needed to install this safely and concealing the wires till they reach the charger are then installed. Finally, your charger is connected to the wires from the breaker panel and your charger is all set up and ready to begin fueling your new energy-efficient vehicle. This item requires a professional installation by a licensed electrician.

An installation by a non-trained individual could cause major damage to the entire home or vehicle, resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs.

Will an electric vehicle charger increase my power bill?

Yes, your electric bill may be affected but the Texas Department of Transportation states that you can expect to save between $500-$1500 per year in comparison to paying for a gasoline or diesel vehicle.

There are ways to increase your savings even more! If you sign up for one of the electric plans offered by different providers in the state of Texas they have plans that allow for free nights. Charing your car overnight with one of these plans would make your cost essentially FREE!

Will an electric vehicle charger work at my house?

Electric vehicle chargers can be installed in any home in Texas. Each house will be unique and have different challenges to overcome when planning on where you want your charger to be located and its distance from your home's breaker panel.


Contact us and we would be more than happy to come out and provide you with different options to help you make an informed decision on where to install your vehicle charger.


Are electric vehicle chargers safe?

Yes! When installed by trained professionals and master electricians like we have here at Unity; they are absolutely safe. Many chargers have multiple forms of protection involved such as surge protection, over and under voltage protection, as well as thermal limits. We always make sure to install our chargers using the correctly sized wires and breakers to ensure that your home is protected.


What is the difference between different levels of charging?

There are 2 levels of charging that can be installed in a home. 

Level 1 uses a standard home outlet like you plug your coffee maker into. This is the easiest to do but provides the least amount of charge as well as is less efficient with the power going into your vehicle. You can expect somewhere between 3-5 miles added per hour. Expect less during our scorching summers if you park your vehicle outside.

Level 2 exists for the driver with a longer commute or who wants to make sure they always have enough charge on their vehicles. Level 2 requires a dedicated circuit and more often than not a hardwire service station installed on your wall. These chargers are much more efficient and can provide you with 15-30 miles per hour. 

What if I don't park my car inside?

This is not a problem at all. When manufacturers of different chargers were designing them they know that almost half of Americans do not park their vehicles in the garage. You have multiple options for this. You can mount your charger outside on the exterior of the home or some cords are long enough and durable enough to be mounted inside and run underneath the garage door.

We can assist with finding the best possible mounting location for your charger. Contact us today so we can help make EV charging as simple as possible for you!


Is there a rebate for EV charging in Texas?

Yes, starting with the IRA or Inflation Reduction Act has alloted for a tax credit of 30% of the costs up to $1,000 for the equipment. Please consult a tax professional to ensure this will be available for you as certain income restrictions do apply.

Will my panel be able to have an EV Charger installed?

Yes, almost all panels have room for some level of EV charger. We will be happy to come out and provide an inspection to determine what kind of charger can safely be installed at your home. In addition to an EV charger, we typically recommend adding in a whole home surge protection device so that your entire home is protected in the case of a system wide surge.

Call the expert electricians at Unity services or book online to get your electric vehicle charging today!


We are experienced and professional electricians, licensed and insured. We additionally hold the following certifications:



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