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Do you need your Underground Power Wire repaired?

Underground electrical wires can be dangerous! We absolutely insist on having a professional complete this work to protect yourself and your home.


As your trusted Licensed Electrician in Cypress, it is our job to help keep you and your home safe from dangerous power wires


How do I know if my power wires are underground?

On many homes, the come out of the roof in a silver pole about 2 inches in diameter very close to your breaker box. On many newer homes, they bury them underground so you won't be able to see any wires coming out from the rooftops. You can look near your property lines for a silver pole with 2-3 wires sticking out of it that then connect to the closest power pole.

If you are still unable to find them and need service please reach out to your friendly electricians at Unity Services.

How will I know if my power wires need servicing?

Hopefully, they do not but you can see obvious signs such as smoke rising from the ground, power issues inside such as lights not working, your breakers constantly flipping, or no power to the house and centerpoint reports no outages! If you are having any of these problems please give us a call!

What will you need to do if I am needing repair?

This varies project by project but we will have to come and inspect and determine where the break has happened. Once the issue has been diagnosed we will present you with the estimate to complete the repair. Most of the time we will need to dig a small trench along where the power line is from your home to the pole until the damaged wire can be exposed. We will also need to inform Centerpointe so they can shut the power off at the main so no one is injured.

Oh great! Now I get to be without power for days on end! 

This is not true! Centerpoint does have some options to make sure your home stays at a comfortable temperature and your food does not spoil. They have temporary power mains that we can assist with hooking up so that you get power to your home with minimal interruptions!


So I do not need to evacuate my home like it's a hurricane?

Not at all! All of our homeowners get to stay in their own home and bed while we perform our work! We want to make the experience as easy as possible.


I am afraid of the bill of repairing or replacing my electrical wiring, can the tax credit help?

Yes! The Inflation Reduction act or IRA has posted new guidelines that allow for up to $2,500 tax credit for electrical repairs or upgrades. This can help alleviate some of the struggles, especially during economic turmoil.

Please contact a tax professional to ensure you are able to take advantage of tax credits.

Can I do this repair on my own?

Please do not! This is not as simple as switching an outlet or a light switch. These are very high-voltage cables that could cause serious harm to you. This absolutely needs to be handled by a professional with insurance and safety gear.

Call the expert electricians at Unity services or book online to get your stovetop or oven upgraded today!

Scott and Brandon were awesome! They really took care of me and made my electrical plan happen. Reliable... Always starting right at 8:30 am. They always cleaned up afterwards and never left trash.

They are great guys that you can trust your home to. Thanks Unity services!
Jim Palmer

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