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Does your home need new electrical wiring?

Not all wiring in homes is created equally! Your licensed and trusted electricians at Unity Services can inspect and alert you of potentially dangerous issues!


As your trusted Licensed Electrician in Cypress, it is our job to help you be aware of the best tips and tricks to keep you and your home safe.


How do I know if my house needs wiring repairs?

Are your lamps or light bulbs burning out quickly? Are your light switches warm to the touch? Are you having other strange electrical problems? If you are you should contact Unity Services today so we can make sure your home is safe!

What is the danger in using too small wires?

Some unscrupulous electrical contractors could have used too small wires for the size outlet and load on that outlet! This can be a potential fire hazard. The correct size wire is 12 gauge or AWG for a 20 amp outlet and 14 gauge for a standard 15 amp outlet. Using a 14 gauge wire for a 20 amp outlet could cause your wires to overheat and cause a fire!

Are my wires up to date with the current electrical code?

This varies! As code evolves over time things that were once okay are not! For example, some houses built in the 1960s to 70s had aluminum wire used instead of copper wire! This is very dangerous and absolutely not code anymore. Our master electricians at Unity would be happy to provide you with a safety inspection to ensure you are not at risk!

I sometimes see or hear sparks when I plug things into my outlets.

This is very dangerous! Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can inspect your outlets and make sure that you are safe.


I am afraid of the bill of repairing or replacing my electrical wiring, can the tax credit help?

Yes! The Inflation Reduction act or IRA has posted new guidelines that allow for up to $2,500 tax credit for electrical repairs or upgrades. This can help alleviate some of the struggles, especially during economic turmoil.

Please contact a tax professional to ensure you are able to take advantage of tax credits.


Arent new electrical devices more energy efficient?

Most of the time the answer to that question is yes. However, there are certain times when new appliances or home goods may take more power such as a new induction stovetop putting in a new outlet for an electric vehicle charger.

Do I have to upgrade all of my home's wiring?

This depends. It is hard for us to give a one size fits all answer to this. The best way to determine this is to have one of our electricians out to personally inspect your home for you..

What if I want to add an outlet or new light?

This is a perfect example of when many homeowners find out they need repairs! We always inspect the home prior to adding any new outlets or light fixtures to make sure it will be a safe and secure connection!

Can I mix Aluminum and Copper wires?

Aluminum while we do not recommend it can be left in homes and on a different circuit copper can be run, it is NOT safe to mix them together on the same circuit. Copper and Aluminum are not the same diameters and they have different rates of expansion and contraction. We are happy to guide you on the safest way to take care of your home and wiring!

Call the expert electricians at Unity services or book online to get your stovetop or oven upgraded today!

Ray came out to perform a panel inspection as part of a manufacturer recall. Ray arrived within the scheduled window, was professional, personable and explained everything he was doing. Ray recommended some optional upgrades for my home (surge protector) and answered all the questions I had. I'll certainly consider this company for future electrical needs.”
Ankur Buch

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