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Surge Protector


Are your appliances and devices protected?

A Whole Home Surge Protector is your best defense against damaging power surge.

As your trusted Licensed Electrician in Cypress, it is our job to help you be aware of the best tips to keep your electrical safety at home up to date.

Adding a surge protector device to your main electrical panel is a must for homes in the Houston area since weather can be tricky now and then, from hurricanes and thunderstorms to smaller rains that can cause power outages and surges.


What Is a Whole Home Surge Protector? 

This is a hard-wired device that goes on your main electrical panel to provide surge protection when electrical voltage surges go up and down; the whole house surge protector blocks or grounds these spikes, so your appliances and electronics aren't damaged.

Many neighborhoods around Houston are known to have frequent power spikes due to power distribution issues, such as a few subdivisions in Cypress, Spring and The Woodlands, where we have found over 50 power surge-damaged homes in the past year that called us for repairs.

How is a whole home surge protector installed?

A whole home surge protector gets installed at your main circuit breaker panel. It is wired directly into a dual-pole breaker, which is in your main breaker. This item requires a professional installation by a licensed electrician.

An installation by a non-trained individual could cause major damage to the entire home, resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs.

Will a whole home surge protector protect the AC unit?

Yes, your HVAC Equipment will be protected, and in fact, not only does it shield your HVAC equipment from external power surges, but it also protects other devices from the surges your air conditioner and furnace produce each time they power on.

Will a whole home surge protector protect my pool equipment?

Power surges can be your equipment pumps and timers' worst enemy. The best way to protect these things from getting damaged by surges and lightning is to make sure you have a surge protector device installed on your main electrical panel.


Is whole house surge protection required by code?

Over the past several code cycles, the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70, NEC) has added sections that require surge protective devices (SPDs) to be used on all dwellings.


Do Whole Home Surge Protectors Really Work? 

Yes, A whole home surge protector instantly blocks the surge from entering home circuits to provide comprehensive lightning protection. Individual plug-in suppressors can't protect electronics that aren't plugged in but are hard-wired instead.

Is there a warranty for a surge protector device?

Our most recommended model comes with a 5 Year warranty and its own insurance policy to cover up to $75,000 downstream equipment protection


Will a surge protector protect against lightning?

Surge protectors alone cannot 100% protect your devices. However, Whole Home Surge protection devices do offer enhanced protection when lighting strikes and reduce the amount of damage caused by the strike. Our most recommended device will additionally provide you with up to $75,000 on insurance coverage.

Call the expert electricians at Unity services or book online to get your house protected from surges.

Ray came out to perform a panel inspection as part of a manufacturer recall. Ray arrived within the scheduled window, was professional, personable and explained everything he was doing. Ray recommended some optional upgrades for my home (surge protector) and answered all the questions I had. I'll certainly consider this company for future electrical needs.”
Ankur Buch

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