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Are you needing a new Smoke Detector?

Smoke detectors play a vital role in keeping you and your home safe. Do you have them in every room and are they up to date?


As your trusted Licensed Electrician in Cypress, it is our job to help you be aware of the best tips and tricks to keeping your home safe from fire damage.


Why do I need to replace my smoke detector?

Smoke detectors batteries need to be replaced every 6 months if you have a battery backup system. However smoke detectors do actually have expiration dates.

How often do smoke detectors expire?

Expire is probably a term best saved for that juicy steak in the fridge; But smoke detectors do techincally expire! They need to be replaced at least every 5-7 years for detectors that have built in Carbon Monoxide detectors. Smoke detectors without Carbon Monoxide detectors can be replaced every 10 years.

Arent all smoke detectors the same?

No! There are multiple types of smoke detectors. There are 3 that are most common. 

  1. Ionization smoke detector. This uses a small amount of radioactive material between two electrically charged plates to detect smoke. These are marginally faster than other options.

  2. Photoelectric smoke detectors. These use light to determine if there is smoke. These are better for fires that take a long time to start rather than a quick ignition fire

  3. Dual Detectors. These take the best of both worlds and use both Ionization and Photoelectric detection methods. These are marginally more expensive but provide the ultimate level of detection.

What about smart smoke detectors?

You are right! There are now smart smoke detectors that can integrate with your internet or favorite smart assistant to send you alerts in case you are not home! This is a wonderful new feature that we are so happy to see! The more ways to alert you the safer you can be.


My bedroom does not have a smoke detector, can you add one?

We absolutely can do that. It is very easy to add a smoke detector to any room and we strongly suggest that we put them in every room. Contact us today so we can schedule a time to come inspect each room to ensure it's safe! While we are there we will do a whole home safety inspection to make sure you are protected everywhere. One of our most common upgrades to ensure the safety of your home is to add in a whole home surge protector.

Call the expert electricians at Unity Services or book online to get your smoke detector Installed today!

Ray came out to perform a panel inspection as part of a manufacturer recall. Ray arrived within the scheduled window, was professional, personable and explained everything he was doing. Ray recommended some optional upgrades for my home (surge protector) and answered all the questions I had. I'll certainly consider this company for future electrical needs.”
Ankur Buch

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