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Electrical Repair Company in Tomball, TX

Electrical issues when we least expect them. These often leave homeowners or business owners stuck in a helpless position until the power is restored. Many electrical issues are a result of poor installation, lack of preventative maintenance, or various other flaws. A serious electrical issue could also affect an entire city block or neighborhood, and there is almost no way to prevent it. No matter what is causing your electrical issues, you need a trustworthy electrical repair company in Tomball, TX to get things back to normal; and that’s our team at Unity Services. 

With over 100 years of combined experience, our professional electricians have been serving numerous local residents and businesses. We provide top-notch service, electrical work, and lighting repair in Tomball. Our mission is to resolve your electrical and lighting issues efficiently and quickly so that you can get back to your regular routine. We know that electricity is necessary in our everyday lives, and many electrical issues can be quite dangerous if they are not handled properly. You should rely on a reputable, electrical repair company like Unity Services. We have the experience and training needed to handle the most difficult electrical and lighting repairs.  

Wiring repairs

Many of our service requests from customers are due to poor wiring. Often, these issues are not caused by the business owner or the homeowner; the wiring was simply installed incorrectly from day one. When a home, business, or any other structure is built – installers don’t always follow the correct codes or guidelines. This leads to future issues that need to be addressed. As a leading electrical repair company in Tomball, our electricians at Unity Services will quickly assess and repair any wiring to get it up to code. Once our work is finalized, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home, business, or structure is up to the proper standards and safe from electrical issues. 

Faulty Circuit Breakers 

If you need electrical or lighting repair in Tomball, TX it may be the result of a faulty circuit breaker. One of the first things people check when there are electrical problems is the breaker or electrical panel. A circuit breaker is an essential component in managing your electricity. If it flips to the off position, all electricity is cut off at the source. When it continues to flip, that typically means there is an underlying issue that needs to be repaired. If you are constantly experiencing issues with a circuit breaker, call an experienced electrical repair company like Unity Services to evaluate and fix the problem. 

Call Us for Emergency Repairs in Tomball

Most people are not prepared for electrical emergencies, like long-term power outages or electrical fires for example. There are different types of emergencies that can be extremely hazardous for everyone inside a home or business. It is critical that you have an emergency lighting repair and electrical repair company you can depend on during the most extreme circumstances. Our team at Unity Services is your reliable source for emergency repairs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our electricians have the utmost training and expertise to handle the most challenging situations. During an electrical emergency in Tomball, trust the pros at Unity Services to keep everyone safe. 


Our Service areas:

Houston, TX 
Humble, TX
Cypress, TX 
Katy, TX
The Woodlands, TX 
Klein, TX
Spring, TX 
Atascocita, TX
Magnolia, TX 
Memorial City, TX

Tomball, TX 
Conroe, TX
Bellaire, TX 
Pinehurst, TX
Pasadena, TX 
Spring Branch, TX
Cinco Ranch, TX 
Champion Forest, TX
Jersey Village, TX 
Kingwood, TX

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24/7 Emergency response

Understanding that emergencies do not announce themselves is why the Unity Team is ready to have your back
with a sense of urgency while keeping your electrical safety as our priority

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