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Electrical Panel upgrades

Not all panels are created equally! Your licensed and trusted electricians at Unity Services can inspect and alert you of potentially dangerous issues!


As your trusted Licensed Electrician in Cypress, it is our job to help you be aware of the best tips and tricks to keep you and your home safe.

How do I know if I need a new electrical panel?

Most of the time the way you find this is by trying to do a renovation or expansion on your house and needing more circuits! Sometimes you can limp along with a subpanel but the safest and simplest option is to put in a new larger panel with correctly sized wires and equipment.

What do I get out of a new panel?

Peace of Mind! New panels are made to much higher quality standards than old panels. You also get warranties to protect your investments. You can expand on your current lot with more electrical outlets for that new electric vehicle or maybe that outdoor kitchen you have been dreaming of!

My contractor said its fine to just clip these two wires together for now.

This is absolutely not code! When you overload a circuit you are risking damage to your home and the items on that circuit! Each circuit should appropriately be sized for the expected loads on it and wire size and breaker size for that location.

Do I need a whole home surge protector with my new panel?

We absolutely think you do! We have found them to be incredibly safe for homeowners. Think about all the things that are digital and plugged into our homes. Wouldnt you want those all to be safe in the case of a surge? We all know Apple is thinking about making their next iPhone even more expensive!


I am afraid of the bill of upgrading my electrical panel, can the tax credit help?

Yes! The Inflation Reduction act or IRA has posted new guidelines that allow for up to $4,000 tax credit for electrical panel upgrades. This can help alleviate some of the struggles, especially during economic turmoil.

Please contact a tax professional to ensure you are able to take advantage of tax credits.


What size panel do I need for my home now and in the future?

Great question! This depends. We typically see houses built in the 1960's built with 125 amp incoming service and current house standards are 200 amp or more! We recommend speaking with your electrican when they come visit your home to talk about your current needs and any potential future upgrades or ideas.

Do I need to relocate my panel or the wires coming in for this?

This depends. Most of the time neither is needed however we are more than happy to look at your home and see. If we need to move the panel or talk about moving or burying the wires underground we can absolutely do that!

Since we are redoing the panel, can we redo the wires coming into the house?

Yes, we can! We are experts are burying the new main lines coming into your home. We ALWAYS use armored cable under the ground even outside the city limits to make sure you have a safe installation! This makes for a beautiful upgrade as well since now you do not have those wires dangling across the back or front yard!

Call the expert electricians at Unity services or book online to get your stovetop or oven upgraded today!

Ray came out to perform a panel inspection as part of a manufacturer recall. Ray arrived within the scheduled window, was professional, personable and explained everything he was doing. Ray recommended some optional upgrades for my home (surge protector) and answered all the questions I had. I'll certainly consider this company for future electrical needs.”
Ankur Buch

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