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Advice from Residential Electricians in the Woodlands on How to Prevent Circuit Overload

Lighting Repair in The Woodlands

Advice from Residential Electricians in the Woodlands on How to Prevent Circuit Overload: Many of us have at least one electrical outlet in our home that is so convenient that we plug way too many things into it. Often, jam-packed outlets are on a kitchen countertop or by a spot where you like to sit and relax. It’s easy to think that a power strip or an adapter with extra outlets can solve the issue, but according to commercial and residential electricians in The Woodlands, it’s not always that simple. If too many items get plugged into one wall outlet, it could lead to a circuit overload.

As one of the leaders for electrical and lighting repair in The Woodlands, Unity Services is here to help. This article will cover some of the best ways to prevent a circuit overload in your home.

What Causes Circuit Overloads?

A circuit overload is when you need more electricity from a circuit than it is capable of producing. According to electricians in The Woodlands, some of the most common examples of a circuit overload are when an item that requires a large amount of electricity, like a space heater, is plugged into an outlet with insufficient amps.

Space heaters, air conditioners, power tools, and microwaves are just a few items that require a lot of power. Most electric outlets have two spots, so you can plug in two items simultaneously. However, you may want to leave the second spot empty to avoid a circuit overload, especially when using one of the previously mentioned items.

Lighting Repair in The Woodlands

Is Overloading a Circuit Dangerous?

According to residential electricians in The Woodlands, the most common result of an overloaded circuit is a flipped breaker. There are more hazardous effects in some cases. Overloaded circuits can heat up wires to the point where they melt. This can cause an electrical fire that results in significant damage to your home, personal injury, or even worse.

It is estimated that more than 50,000 homes in the US are damaged each year due to electrical fires; some are the result of overloaded circuits. So yes, overloading a circuit can be very hazardous.

Common Signs of an Overloaded Circuit

By doing your part, you can prevent an overloaded circuit in your home. Experts in electric and lighting repair in The Woodlands recommend watching for these common indicators:

  • Dimming or Flickering Lights – An outlet is pulling too much power if the lights are struggling to stay on.

  • Frequently Tripped Breakers – Breakers will trip automatically when an outlet is using too much power.

  • Burning Odor – Overloaded receptacles often produce a smoky, foul smell.

  • Mild Shock When Plugging in Appliances – If you get a jolt when plugging something in, the problem needs to be addressed.

  • Discolored or Warm Wall Plates – Wall plates should be at room temperature; if they are not, there is an underlying issue, like an overloaded circuit.

Lighting Repair in The Woodlands

Unity Services provides a broad range of electrical services to meet the needs of our client base, from minor lighting repair in The Woodlands to large jobs requiring a master electrician. Unity Services has the right solutions, and we know how to get the job done in a timely, professional, and cost-effective manner.

Unity Services is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency service. Our electrical repair company in The Woodlands provides clients with expert knowledge that’s just a phone call away. Our master electricians will ask a few questions and work with you to quickly solve the issue.

Lighting Repair in The Woodlands

Contact Unity Services at (713) 999-1890 or fill out a form here for all your electrical needs. Let us show you why many consider us the best electrical contractor in The Woodlands.

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