Electrical Repair Company in The Woodlands

Electrical issues can come out of nowhere. They often leave homeowners or business owners stranded until the power is turned back on. Many electrical problems are a result of improper installation, lack of preventative maintenance, or various other issues. There could also be a widespread issue that affects an entire city block or neighborhood, and there was little you could do to prevent it. No matter what caused your electrical issues, you need a trustworthy electrical repair company in The Woodlands to get the power back on; and that’s Unity Services.   

With a combined of over 100 years of experience, our team of highly skilled electricians has been serving local residents and businesses. We offer the highest quality service, electrical work, and lighting repair in The Woodlands. Our goal is to resolve your electrical and lighting issues quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to your daily routine. We know that electricity is a necessity, and several types of electrical issues can be dangerous if they are not properly handled. You need an electrical repair company with years of experience and the proper training to handle the most difficult electrical and lighting repairs.  

Faulty Wiring 

It is very common for electrical companies to receive service requests caused by poor wiring. Often, these calls have nothing to do with the actions of the business owner or the homeowner; the wiring was just installed incorrectly when the structure was first built. Some electrical installers don’t always adhere to the correct codes or guidelines; this leads to future issues that need to be addressed. As a top electrical repair company in The Woodlands, our experts at Unity Services will quickly assess and repair your wiring issues. Once our work is complete, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home or business has the proper wiring and is much safer.  

Circuit Breakers 

If you need electrical or lighting repair in The Woodlands, it may be due to a faulty circuit breaker. One of the first things people check when there are electrical issues is the breaker or electrical panel. The circuit breaker is an essential component in managing your electricity. If it flips to the off position, the power is cut off at the source. When the breaker continues to flip, this in and indication that there’s an underlying issue that needs addressed. If you are experiencing issues with a circuit breaker, you need an experienced electrical repair company like Unity Services to examine and repair the problem.  

Emergency Repairs in The Woodlands 

Most people are not prepared for an electrical emergency, such as a long-term power outage or electrical fire. Several types of electrical emergencies can be extremely dangerous for everyone inside. It is critical that you have an emergency lighting repair and electrical repair company you can depend on during the most extreme circumstances. Unity Services is your reliable source for emergency repairs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our electricians have the utmost expertise and training to handle the most challenging situations. During an electrical emergency in The Woodlands, trust the pros at Unity Services to keep everybody safe.