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Monitor Your Electricity Usage in Real Time

Keeping track of your electricity usage is an essential step towards achieving energy efficiency and cost savings. One of the most effective ways to monitor your energy consumption is by installing a real-time energy monitoring system in your home.

Why use a smart home monitoring system?

A smart home monitoring system is an advanced technology that enables you to track your energy consumption in real-time. With this system, you can monitor your energy usage by specific appliances, areas of the house, or even by time of day. This real-time data helps you to identify areas where energy consumption can be reduced and ultimately, save on your energy bills.

The best home energy monitor...

When choosing a home energy monitor, it's important to consider a few key factors, such as the device's accuracy, compatibility with your energy system, and ease of use.

The Sense Home Energy Monitor is a top-rated device that meets these requirements. It's compatible with most electrical panels, including those found in most Cypress homes, and provides detailed information on your energy usage in real-time.

Additionally, the Sense app is easy to use and provides valuable insights into your energy usage. It can help you to identify specific appliances that consume the most energy and provide recommendations on how to reduce your usage. The app also allows you to set goals for your energy consumption and track your progress towards achieving them.

How to install a home energy monitor:

The installation process for a home energy monitor is relatively simple and can be done in a few steps. First, locate your electrical panel and turn off the main power supply. Next, install the current sensors on the main power lines, usually located near the electric meter. Finally, connect the monitor to your home Wi-Fi network and download the monitoring app to start tracking your energy usage.

We always advise you to avoid manipulating electrical components without having the proper training that comes with an electrical license

Of course, you can always call us at Unity Services to help! Our friendly, licensed electricians will inspect your home and make recommendations for repairs or upgrades to help track and lower your energy usage.



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