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Make your home work smarter, not harder!

We have started this Houston summer looking forward to make our lives more practical and smarter, starting with our homes. Upgrading features in your home can show you new ways to save money on your energy consumption. And maybe even be more sustainable, while also showing you ways to manage your home without even being in it.

Most of these items can be found at your local Houston hardware stores or even on Amazon, so you definitely don’t need to buy through an electrical contractor.

First thing, let's start by making sure your electrical panel condition is optimal to support your home's electrical system. Next, add an energy monitor to your electrical panel to best track your electricity usage. This may be an investment that can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars during the year on your electricity bill and can even uncover large issues such as an HVAC unit that is being overworked and doesn’t need replacement, but servicing.

An energy monitor can be installed to your panel even if your home has solar panels and or generators, it can help you figure out if your electrical appliances are being a little more than lazy. You can order your own and have it installed by your local trusted electricians.

Now lets move on to adding Smart light bulbs that you can control with google home or amazon Alexa, with an app or with another smart device such as a smart light switch. So if you just left the house and forgot to turn off the lights or are just too comfy binge watching your favorite show, you can be in control from your phone or by voice control. (Alexa, like this blog post)

Smart outlets or smart plugs for your small kitchen appliances and plug in light fixtures; if you are like me and love slow cooker meals, I’m sure you have come across the difficulty of adjusting the cook time you need for your recipe to the actual machine settings. With a smart plug you can be in control of when your turn on an off your small appliances and say goodbye to soggy crockpot lasagna.

And last but not least, upgrade your conventional can lights to Smart recessed light fixtures, that can be for outdoor and indoor use. This awesome fixtures will allow you to set a schedule for when you want the outdoor lights to turn on and off, without ever having to worry about not forgetting to turned them off before leaving for work. For indoor can lights, you can pick a fixture that has color temperature changing capacity to better set the mood in some areas of the home as needed, these smart fixtures also have the ability to set schedules that can come in pretty handy when you have folks at home who resist bedtime. (Sorry kids)

Not sure where to start? Call us at 713-999-1890 and let us help you figure out what your needs are to help your work smarted not harder!

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