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Energy Saving Tips & Tools

There are many great reasons to save energy and as your trusted residential electricians in Houston, we know there are several compelling reasons. Let's look at a few, then look at some things to consider if you're trying to reduce your energy usage.

Consider the following:

Environmental Benefits

Reducing our carbon footprint at home is the first step towards respecting the natural resources our planet provides. Household electronics and appliances emit CO2 (greenhouse gas emissions) into our immediate environments. Using less energy now has potentially lasting effects for nature, animals, and future generations.

Health Benefits

Do you know that emissions from electronics in your home are regulated by the FDA? There are acceptable levels that are in compliance with FDA regulations. But even within those allowable levels, reducing your family's exposure to any radiation is a good thing.

Save Money

After up-front costs associated with newer, more efficient appliances or windows, the long term cost savings can be significant. The money saved over time adds up, plus green homes are easier to sell and can bring in higher selling prices when you're ready to move.

Switch to Non-toxic Products

Many - but not all - products derived from nature and not highly processed are non-toxic. Look for certifications to confirm you've made the right swap: USDA Organic, EWG Verified, Made Safe, and NSF/ANSI 305, Leaping Bunny, and EWG's environmental database are trustworthy resources.

At Home

There are many easy changes you can make at home to make your house more energy efficient.

  • Start with Energy Star appliances that regulate power use while maximizing performance.

  • Update your bathroom fixtures to low-flow models, or install flow restrictors. While you're at it, repair leaky faucets.

  • Lower your water heater max temperature to 120 degrees.

  • Wash your clothes in cool water, and clean your dryer screen after every use.

  • When cooking use the burner size that most closely matches the size of your pan.

  • Arrange an inspection by a qualified HVAC to ensure your systems are running safely and efficiently.

  • Use window coverings to help regulate the temperature inside your home.

  • Inspect and repair caulking and weather stripping around doors, windows, roofing seams, and soffits.

And, of course, give us a call at Unity Services! As your local licensed electrician in Houston, we can survey your home and suggest areas of improvement or repairs that will help you save money and live more responsibly.


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