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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Electrician

We know it's tempting to handle issues in your home by yourself. "How hard can it be?" "Seems simple enough!" And, while we're all for DIYers who know what they're doing, electricity is best left handled by the professionals.

Amateur work can lead to fire hazards, misplaced wires, or circuit overloads - and often require follow ups by a professional to "repair the repairs". Trained and licensed electricians will likely get the job done right the first time and in the safest way.

Here are our top 5 questions you should ask when you're hiring an electrician.


The contractor's insurance provides an extra level of protection against damage or injury at your home.

Licensing varies state to state. It guarantees that the contractor meets basic standards of safety, knowledge, and is up-to-date on things like technology and permitting.

Unity Services is licensed and insured.


Not all contractors have the same hours or work from 9-5. Ensure your electrician can be there when it works for you - especially if you have an emergency.

Unity Services is available 24 hours a day because we know that not all emergencies wait until it's convenient.


Working with electricity is a specialized trade, meaning contractors are required to complete initial and continuing education. It is vital - literally a matter of life and death - that electricians are up to date on the latest building codes, tools, technology, and safety protocols.

At Unity, our Master Electrician oversees all projects and has been working in the trade since 1988. Our team carries over 100 years of combined experience, placing your home in the very best hands.


Ask this before you book an appointment. Some contractors specialize in specific things, and no one wants to find that out after the contractor has arrived. Most residential electricians can handle home rewiring, basic repairs, and circuit breaker services. In addition, Unity also offers:

  • New panels

  • Chandelier installation

  • Ceiling fan installation

  • Light switch replacement - including dimmer switches

  • Outlet installation & repair

  • Landscape lighting

  • Phone & data cabling

  • LED conversions

  • Pool lighting


It's always good to get a referral from a trusted source - a friend or neighbor who had a good experience is often the first place we turn when looking to hire a contractor.

At Unity, we have over 100 Google reviews from satisfied customers, with a 5-star rating. Additionally, we're Google Guaranteed and were voted a Neighborhood Favorite on Next Door.

So when your home needs electrical service, give us a call at Unity Services! As your local licensed electrician in the Houston area, we can make the repairs you need when you need them with safety and efficiency.

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