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Why Ground Wires Are Important

Why Ground Wires Are Important, according to a residential electrician

Have you ever heard of a ground wire? These are fixed in the outlets on different walls in your home. Homeowners should be aware of what they are, how they function, and a few precautionary measures you can take.

What's the Function of a Ground Wire?

“What does a grounding wire do?” This electrical wire runs in the ground and supplies electricity to your outlets. It carries electric energy and gives a safe space for electrical charge storage. Back in the 1960s, the electrical code requirements made ground wiring the standardized system for all houses in the US.

Every home has ground outlets and underground electrical panels now. A ground wire directs these positive charges toward the ground in a defined and controlled manner. This is where they get discharged to inhibit fires or electric shocks.

Insulation to Electrical Shocks

Every home carries an excess electrical charge in its electrical lines. This is why surge protectors are installed to protect our electronics and charge-carrying devices - to protect your home and devices in the event of a lightning strike or malfunction.

Sometimes when you turn on a hairdryer or a toaster, you will see a small flicker. This is a small surge. These surges are not involved in a grounded electrical system. Any extra electricity produced within the system is drawn into the ground, saving your outlets from the influx of extreme charges. However, when a home has ungrounded electrical charges, the surge can be very dangerous.

Sometimes the surge can travel through your body. The electricity enters the body through the body part touching the electrical source and enters the ground through your feet. This can end up in burns, nerve damage, and even fatality in case of extremely powerful surges.

How to Find Out if Your Home Has Grounded Outlets

The most obvious sign that your house does not have a grounded electrical system is double slot outlets. Most grounded outlets contain three slots, and the round and d-shaped slot among them is the one that is attached to a ground wire. Electricians suggest upgrading if you have several outlets without the d-shaped slot.

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