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An Electrician in Cypress Explains 5 Different Types of Switches

An Electrician in Cypress Explains 5 Different Types of Switches -- What are switches? What do they do besides turn things off and on? Switches in electronic devices play an important role. They are purposed to interrupt the electric flow. They make or break a circuit. An electrician in Cypress knows that switches are very important in your day-to-day life; when a switch isn’t working, there is nothing more frustrating.

Electrical devices and components have changed immensely over the years. Our residential electrician in Cypress knows this is the case with switches too. Here are some commonly used switches and the benefits each kind has to offer.

#1 An Electrician in Cypress Explains a One-Way Switch

The most commonly used and seen nowadays is the one-way or single-pile electric switch. These switches control the speed of fans and adjust lights and other devices from a certain location. You’ll clearly see the ON and OFF markings on these switches. When this switch is turned ON, two terminals connect; when it is off, they disconnect. There is a current carrying wire that is usually black in color.

#2- An Electrician in Cypress Explains a Two-Way Switch

Although double-pole switches are mostly seen in industrial setups, nowadays, a vast majority of homeowners have also started to use the two-way electrical switch. These switches also come with ON and OFF markings, but they can control any device or appliance from more than one location.

Electrician in Cypress

This comes with four terminals that allow it to connect with four wires. This switch can connect with either of the two but never at the same time. This switch is usually used for 30amps, which is why they can control appliances that use a high amount of electricity.

#3 An Electrician in Cypress Explains a Three-Way Switch

Three-way switches are used to control lights or receptacles from two different locations, and they have 2 brass terminals. Generally, this type of switch is seen in pairs, at both ends of a garage, basement, staircase, or hallways, where you have two entries.

#4 An Electrician in Cypress Explains a Four-Way Switch

You’ll find no ON and OFF marking on this one. The 4-way switch is purposed for controlling the outlet or light fixtures from 3 different places. There are 4 terminals, where 2 are brass, and the other 2 are dark terminals.

#5 An Electrician in Cypress Explains a Smart Switch

This switch is tied to some remote controller or system and is used to control light switches from remote locations. The number of brass terminals varies in these switches. These switches are all controlled remotely y multiple switches. These have neutral wires passing through and can be tapped for a switch.

Switches are a large part of your electrical system. If you have issues with switches, contact a residential electrician in Cypress and get an expert opinion on what issue is affecting the switch.

Unity Services, an electrical Repair company in Cypress provides a broad range of electrical services to meet the needs of our client base, from minor lighting repair in Cypress to large jobs requiring an electrical contractor in Cypress.

Unity Services has a solution, and we know how to get the job done in a timely, professional, and cost-effective manner.

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Residential Electrician in Cypress

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