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Tips from an Electrician in Cypress on Investing in Smoke Detectors, Part 1

Electrician in Cypress

Tips from an electrician in Cypress on Investing in Smoke Detectors, Part 1 -- Do you live in an older home? Is fire safety something you have been putting off? Do you even think about fire safety in your home? An electrical contractor in Cypress wants you to consider whether you are safe if a fire should break out in your home. Smoke detectors are a big help when it comes to fire safety. With the help of a good smoke detector, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary antics, reduce your risk if a fire should break out, and increase response time?

Do you need to invest in smoke detectors? An electrician in Cypress would like you to look for these signs:

  1. Your home predates electricity. You should hire an electrical contractor in Cypress if this is the case. Now, most homes don’t predate electricity. That is a joke, but older homes are prone to electrical issues. There are a lot of code requirements in today’s society as far as electricity; if you live in an older home, call Unity Services to get you up to date with your electricity and safety with smoke detectors.

  2. Are you using the original appliances from the 1960s? Old appliances are energy suckers; sometimes, they malfunction, leading to an electrical fire.

  3. Do you DIY? So these skills are excellent, but sometimes, an electrician in Cypress is called to investigate your mistakes when it comes to hard-wiring your smoke detectors. Please don’t create more problems while trying to fix them.

  4. Are you in the middle of a major renovation? Be cautious. Often, wires can be cut, resulting in a possible electrical force. Therefore having smoke detectors in your home is essential to your safety.

  5. There are so many advances in smoke detectors today. Smoke detectors with photoelectric and ionization sensors each detect different kinds of fire. They can do several unique things when it comes to detecting fires. An electrical contractor in Cypress says that they can detect smoldering flames even. Installing a combination of different smoke detectors can help keep your family safe.

Electrician in Cypress

These are just a few reasons to upgrade your fire alarm systems. In this two-part series, we will extend your knowledge by talking about changing batteries, when your detector fails the test, when you have old smoke detectors, if your smoke detector will not stop chirping, and the worst thing is if you fail to own them at all.

Your electrical contractor in Cypress and Unity Services want to help you upgrade your system. Stay on top of safety and protection with Unity Services. Call us today for a free consultation.

“We Are Unity”

Electrician in Cypress

Unity Services provides a broad range of electrical services to meet the needs of our client base, from minor lighting repair in Cypress to large jobs requiring a master electrician in Cypress, as we currently have one master electrician on staff. Unity Services has a solution, and we know how to get the job done in a timely, professional, and cost-effective manner.

Electrician in Cypress

Unity Services is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency service. Our electrical repair company in Cypress provides clients with expert knowledge that’s just a phone call away. Our electricians will ask a few questions and work with you to quickly solve the issue.

Contact Unity Services at (713) 999-1890 or fill out a form here for all your electrical needs.


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