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Electricians in Cypress Weigh in on Summer Stress for your Electrical System

It is summertime which means your electrical system is in overdrive. As a top residential electrician in Cypress, we want you to protect your electrical system and your wallet from the summer heat. How do we do that? Well, there are a few simple tips to keep things moving efficiently and effectively.

Take a Load off

An electrician in Cypress wants to know about your appliances. Did you make poor choices when you chose them? Is your electrical system bearing the burden of these choices? Don’t be a victim of “user error” by overlooking these simple adjustments to seasonal appliance use.

Don’t Blow It

Heating and cooling are the most significant part of your energy bill, and a residential electrician in Cypress knows it is about 30-50% of your monthly consumption. That is the more tremendous stress on your electrical system. However, there are many ways to reduce energy use, including:

  • Keep your air filter clean

  • Scheduling a professional cleaning and tune-up once a year

  • Clearing your outdoor system and indoor vents of debris and blockages

  • Addressing ductwork leaks

  • Setting your system to 85 degrees when you’re not home

  • Installing a programmable thermostat

  • Keep Your Cool

The refrigerator is one of your biggest energy suckers. Your electrician in Cypress suggests keeping those seals tight. Don’t forget to keep that refrigerator at the proper temperature. That temperature is between 37-40 degrees Fahrenheit in the fridge. It is also 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit in your freezer.

Keep Things from Boiling Over

The water heater is also an energy consumer. The hotter your water, the harder it is for your electrical system to keep up. Your residential electrician in Cypress wants you to remember that summer is toasty enough. Cool your water heater use by:

· Setting water heater temperature to 120 degrees

· Properly insulating your tank

· Take a shower instead of a bath

· Turning hot water (and your heater) off when you don’t need it

Fire up the Grill

Using your oven with the summer heat can stress out your air conditioning system. There is a reason we grill up that summer food! Save a little bit of money on your electric bill by grilling outdoors.

Reinforce Your Shell

Say what? Is the outdoor heat keeping your indoors warm too? Your home is a thermal envelope. The outer walls, doors, floors, ceilings, all of these things need proper insulation. Make sure your windows are adequately sealed. An electrician in Cypress wants to help ease the stress on your wallet this summer.

If your electrical system is all stressed out this summer, make sure to contact a residential electrician in Cypress for all your summer energy needs.

“We Are Unity”

Unity Services provides a broad range of electrical services to meet the needs of our client base, from minor lighting repair in Cypress to large jobs requiring a master electrician in Cypress, as we currently have one master electrician on staff. Unity Services has a solution, and we know how to get the job done in a timely, professional, and cost-effective manner.

Electrician in Cypress

Unity Services is available 24 hours, seven days a week for emergency service. Our electrical repair company in Cypress provides clients with expert knowledge just a phone call away. A knowledgeable staff member takes after-hour calls. Our electricians will ask a few questions and work with you to solve the issue.

Contact Unity Services in Cypress at (713) 999-1890 or fill out a form here for all your electrical needs. Unity Services have electricians you can trust.


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