How healthy is your home?

Updated: Sep 7

Level up your home's wellness level

Most of us set wellness goals that we revisit from time to time (specially around the beginning of the year). Some of us will eat better, exercise more, read more, be more social, etc. But we rarely set wellness goals for our home; in fact, most people wouldn’t consider this a needed plan.

Unity Services is here to remind you that just like our bodies, your home has many aspects that need to function correctly, such as your Electrical systems, HVAC systems & Air Quality, Plumbing, Roof, Utilities, Pest control and you home security systems.

And even how much clutter we keep in our homes can impact our home’s wellness, sometimes all we need is a little push on how to better organize our traffic and problem areas.

To give you a hand, we’ve created a small schedule for you to remember when is time to service the key areas in your home:

Electrical Panel Safety inspection

​Every 6-8 months

Anytime you move into a new home

Anytime you have constant electrical issues around you home

​HVAC system Inspection

​Once per year Recommended- fall and spring

Change your AC filters

1" every 1-3 months

4" Every six months

If you have pets at home, we recommend more frequent replacements, along with an Air scrubber installation to your unit

Check your electricity rate and contract

Once per year or when your close to contract renewal

Have a roof inspection

Once per year and after any extreme weather event

Declutter your spaces

2-3 times per year or at the beginning or every season

Pest prevention

One per quarter for major pest treatment such as rodent and ant control

Every other month for maintenance care


Now that you have a better idea of your home’s wellness needs, we have put together a list of local family-owned, honest, licensed and insured businesses that we trust for you to check all the above items for your home's wellness goals.


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