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Electrical Safety for Kids

It's common knowledge that kids are curious - and as your trusted Licensed electrician in Cypress, we love to help educate them on the importance of electrical safety!

Here are a few tips we suggest for teaching your children how to properly use and respect electronics and the power used to run them. Starting at home will establish good boundaries and cover the most common hazards.

Start with the basics. Show kids what items use electricity - lamps, appliances, hair dryers - and how they turn on and off with switches, cords, or plugs. Identify the types of plugs and sockets and emphasize that only the plugs are to go in sockets - not pencils or fingers or anything else! Show children how things work (and don't) when they're plugged in and on or off. Be sure you're practicing good safety by unplugging or switching off when appropriate, so they learn by hearing AND seeing.

Show children what properly used plugs and cords look like:

  • No frays or kinks.

  • Not stretched too far or elevated to cause a tripping hazard.

  • Clear from furniture legs.

  • Flush against the floors/walls.

  • And, not overloaded with too many extensions or plugs.

Explain that electricity and water don't mix. Give children alternatives to using electric appliances in wet areas or educate them on the safety expectations. Let them know what to do if they see a cord or wire in water (don't touch!) and explain that even spilling juice on a cord can be dangerous.

You can also explain circuits. Sometimes using batteries is an easier way to demonstrate how circuits work. Batteries work on the same principle and are often more familiar and relatable than invisible wiring inside the walls that comes from a power station down the street.

Speaking of batteries, show kids the different sizes and types of batteries around your home. Explain why some have dedicated uses, like for cars or rechargeable garage tools. Let them know that it's never okay to switch to a different type than what the appliance specifically needs, and that there are proper ways to dispose of used batteries. And, batteries aren't playthings or food - they should never go into mouths.

And, of course, give us a call at Unity Services! As your local licensed electrician in the Houston area, we can survey your home and suggest areas of improvement or repairs to improve safety. Plus, we're great with kids, so when we're done working, we'll happily explain our job!


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