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Are You Welcoming Energy Vampires into Your Home?

The EPA estimates that energy vampires consume $4 billion worth of power per year, but many of us don't even know the term and that's why as your local Cypress Electrician, we've took on the task to bring you information

An energy vampire, also known as a phantom load or standby power, happens when an appliance continues to pull power even when it's turned off. And chances are, your home is filled with them.

In your living room, your tv and entertainment systems are the biggest offenders, especially if you have older, less efficient models. Consider utilizing a power strip or a switch-controlled plug to cut the circuit - and the power pull.

In the kitchen, your coffee maker likely has a prominent place on the counter, and you probably don't unplug it after every use. Couple that with your microwave, air fryer, toaster, and fridge, and your favorite culinary tools might be costing you. Look for ENERGY STAR rated appliances the next time you shop to help save money for years into the future.

In the bathroom, make sure to unplug your hair dryer, curling iron, or electric razor when not in use. If you use a rechargeable electric toothbrush, consider unplugging the base after a full charge and brushing on battery power for a while.

And of course, the home office doesn't escape from vampires... your desktop and laptop pull power, even when idle. Putting it in sleep mode helps, but those electricity charges are rolling with printers, scanners, and chargers, too.

You might consider getting a plug-in socket power meter that can estimate the wattage your appliances use while sleeping. Here's one of our favorites from Amazon.

The moral of the story? We can't really escape energy vampires. But, we can take action to mitigate the additional costs by breaking the circuits when possible. So, unplug, flip the power strip to off, or turn off the switch that controls the plug whenever possible.

And, of course, give us a call at Unity Services! As your local licensed electrician in north Houston (including Tomball, Cypress, and The Woodlands!), we can complete an electrical safety inspection for your home and suggest areas of improvement or repairs.

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