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Make an Impact with Lighting

The right lighting can make or break a room. From functionality to mood, the right lighting can turn a room in your house into a room you love to live in.

Consider the following:

Are You Using the Correct Type of Lighting for Your Needs?

Your home office, kitchen, stairs, and living areas are used for different purposes. Where brighter task lighting is great for a desk or reading nook, it's probably not the best choice for your kitchen island or hallway. Lighting that showcases artwork will be different lighting than the lamp you might chose when you're relaxing with a good movie.

An experienced electrician can make recommendations for lighting options that make the most sense for your needs.

Is Your Fixture the Correct Size?

A cathedral ceiling demands more drama than a traditional 8' hallway. Large great rooms will need more output than a pantry.

Residential Electricians (and designers sometimes!) agree that there are also general guidelines for the height of your lights. Generally, 28-32" is a good distance between the bottom of a fixture and the top of a table or countertop. For larger open spaces, a minimum of a foot below the ceiling is recommended, adding 3" with every additional foot of ceiling height.

Of course, track lighting and lamps have their own set of recommendations in regard to size and output. Trained electricians can help homeowners determine the correct size and quantity of fixtures, while meeting the lighting needs for the room.

Are You Utilizing Multiple Lighting Solutions?

Does your room have windows, lamps, recessed lighting, and a chandelier? Layering different light sources adds dimension and depth to your space. Mirrors and window treatments are another way to increase interest and add options to your space.

An experienced electrician can suggest lighting strategies to create multiple moods and functions for a room, seamlessly transforming your spaces into multi-use rooms.

Our team of Licensed Electricians always strives to provide top-quality service at a great value.

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