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Do You Need a New Breaker or Electrical Panel Box?

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Have you looked at your breaker box lately? Have you glanced at it to see that you are staying up to date with this critical system in your home? You may be wondering if you need a new breaker box or electrical panel box for your home; you may even have to contact an electrician in The Woodlands to help you decide.

Your home's electrical system is critical when it comes to functionality. A residential electrician in The Woodlands knows that many of the other utilities in your home will fail to function properly without a working electrical panel. Things like internet service would go down immediately, but other things like your water heater and HVAC system would fail as well.

Electrician in The Woodlands

Do I Need to Replace My Breaker Box?

An experienced electrician in The Woodlands recommends having an older home assessed right away. Electrical panels have a long lifespan of over 30 years, but wear and tear aren’t always the problem. Your breaker box may not be adequate because we continue to demand electricity, and this might require an upgrade. We are depending more and more on connectivity, and older homes and even some newer ones were not built for these electrical demands.

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Signs I Should Replace My Breaker Box:

  • Blackouts or flickering lights: Your electrical wiring may go bad over time. Bad electrical wiring can cause fires.

  • Scorching on the panel: If there are burn marks on your panel, there is a clear sign something is amiss.

  • Is your existing panel keeping up with your devices? You might need a new box if there are repeated breaker trips or if you are constantly resetting the breakers. This indicates the electrical panel can't handle the load.

  • Power strip addiction: If you are tripping over extension cords and have power strips on every outlet, it's time for an upgrade from a residential electrician in The Woodlands.

Can I Replace the Panel Myself?

This is one area you really should call in the professionals at Unity Services. Amateur electrical work devalues your home, and the voltage can be highly dangerous to an untrained person. Make an appointment with Unity Services if you are thinking about a panel upgrade.

“We Are Unity”

Unity Services Electrician in The Woodlands

Unity Services provides a broad range of electrical services to meet the needs of our client base, from minor lighting repair in The Woodlands to large jobs requiring a master electrician in The Woodlands, as we currently have one master electrician on staff. Unity Services has a solution, and we know how to get the job done in a timely, professional, and cost-effective manner.

Electrician in The Woodlands

Unity Services is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency service. Our electrical repair company in The Woodlands provides clients with expert knowledge that’s just a phone call away. Our electricians will ask a few questions and work with you to quickly solve the issue.


Contact Unity Services at (713) 999-1890 or fill out a form here for all your electrical needs.



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