Unity Services also offers electrical service to light industrial facilities which include the same services provided to our commercial base clientele with addition to a few specialty services listed below. These services would extend out to light industrial process facilities including but not limited to machine shops, cold storage distribution, ready-mix plants, rock crushing plants, pipe yards, food processing plants, small chemical plants, palletizing plants, bottling and canning facilities.

 - Motor controls

 - Variable frequency drives

 - DC drives

 - Programmable logic controllers

 - Limit switches

 - Proximity switches

 - Pressure transducers

 - Scale integration

 - Pneumatic and Hydraulic solenoid valve systems

 - Emergency stop buttons and pull cords

 - Control consoles

 - Motor starters

 - Sump pump controls

 - Float switches

 - Pressure switches

 - High Level alarms

 - Small scale automation systems

 - Troubleshooting