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Electric Stovetop, range, or oven upgrades!

Electric Cooktop

Are you thinking of switching to an electric stovetop or oven? We have plenty of common questions and the benefits of switching below!

As your trusted Licensed Electrician in Cypress, it is our job to help you be aware of the best tips and tricks to upgrading to a new efficient stove or oven!


Why would I want a new electric or Induction cooktop? 

The best option for new electric stove tops or ovens are in the form of either standard electric coil cooktops or new induction ranges and cooktops. 

What is an electric cook top vs a induction cook top?

An electric cook top use a coil of typically copper to allow electricity to flow through it creating heat. This typically glows orange or red and creates heat that is then transfered to any pot or pan on top of the glass or coils directly.

Induction cook tops also use electricty but in a very different way. This uses electrically charged magnets to create the same heating capabilities of a gas or electric stovetop. Induction stove tops are typically between 5-10 percent more efficient than electric stove tops and 3 times as efficent as gas stove tops!

Are induction stove tops safe?

Yes, Induction stove tops are safe. If you turn one of these on without magnetic cookware on it it will not burn you or your loved ones hands. Induction is much safer than a gas or electric stove top in that aspect!

I have heard that Electric stove tops do not heat as fast as gas or Induction.

This is true. Electric is more efficient in terms of energy expenditure than gas but it does heat slower than Gas or Induction. Electric ovens however are a great benefit over Gas ovens. Gas ovens allow for a lot of temperature fluctuations as gas is not as easy to control as an electrical heating element. Electrical ovens are more even and dry heat than gas ovens.


I heard that there is a tax credit for new electrical or induction cooktops!

Yes! The Inflation Reduction act or IRA has posted new guidelines that allow for up to $840 tax credit for the cost of a new appliance and up to $500 to help cover any associated costs with switching to a new cooktop.

Please contact a tax professional to ensure you are able to take advantage of tax credits.


What is the difference between different levels of charging?

Yes, Glass cooktops such as some electric and induction cooktops can be much easier to clean! Since they do not have grates to have food fall through they can absolutely be much easier to wipe off than gas stove tops.

Can I still cook how I am used to on an electric or induction cooktop?

Yes, electric stoves and induction stove tops both can easily be learned and cook in very similar manners to gas cooktops. Induction stove tops do require a pan to have a magnetic portion to it to enable the safe transfer of heat. Although most current cookware already is capable. It is very easy to test just grab a magnet and check if it sticks to the bottom of your pan!

What do I need to do to switch to one of these different cooktops?

Not a lot has to be done! Depending on your current configuration you may need a new powerline drawn to handle the higher voltage and amperage that these new devices can demand but a quick visit from your favorite master electricians at Unity Electrical services will ensure you are fully prepared for your upgrade!

Call the expert electricians at Unity services or book online to get your stovetop or oven upgraded today!

Ray came out to perform a panel inspection as part of a manufacturer recall. Ray arrived within the scheduled window, was professional, personable and explained everything he was doing. Ray recommended some optional upgrades for my home (surge protector) and answered all the questions I had. I'll certainly consider this company for future electrical needs.”
Ankur Buch

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